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San Francisco University High School opened in 1975 as a coeducational, college preparatory, independent secondary school. Enrollment stands at approximately 400 students this year. Accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges, UHS is also a member of the National Association of Independent Schools, the California Association of Independent Schools, the College Entrance Examination Board, and the Secondary School Admissions Test Board.

 Head of School: Julia Russell Eells
 Director of Admission: Aaron Mieszczanski

 Director of College Counseling: Jonathan Reider
 Senior Associate Director of College Counseling: Jenny Schneider
 College Counseling Assistant: Elizabeth Faris


UHS enrolls a diverse student body from a variety of racial, ethnic, religious, and economic backgrounds. Most students come from the city of San Francisco and Marin County; some commute from the East Bay and the Peninsula. Students of color make up about 48% of the student body. The school distributes over $2.6 million in financial aid to 23% of the student body.


The following is a list of the most advanced courses offered in each discipline:

Arts (Western Civ and 2 electives required):
AP Art History
AP Studio Art
Art Music Theory

English (4 years required):
English III *
English IV *
* These are considered honors courses by the University of California and prepare students for the AP exam in English Literature.

Foreign Languages (3 years required):
Advanced Latin; AP Advanced Latin Honors
AP French Language; Honors French Literature; Advanced French Seminar
Spanish IV-H;
Spanish V-H; Advanced Spanish Seminar
Chinese IV-H; Advanced Chinese Seminar

History (2 years required):
AP U.S. History (required of all juniors)
AP European History
AP Microeconomics/Economic Policy
History Electives

Mathematics (3 years required):
AB Calculus (AP)
AP Statistics
AP Computer Science-A
Honors Differential Calculus and BC Calculus (AP) *; Multivariable Calculus
* This is a two-year sequence leading to the BC Calculus AP exam.

Science (2 years required):
AP Physics-C (Mechanics; Electricity & Magnetism)
Advanced Topics in Modern Chemistry 
AP Environmental Science
Advanced Topics in Biology – A: Human Physiology, B: Microbiology,
and C: Molecular Biology
All non-AP electives are considered honor courses by the University of California.

One important feature of the UHS curriculum that we are particularly proud of is the opportunity for students to pursue an Independent Study project of their own design and implementation. Through these projects, students take responsibility for an aspect of their own education. Last year, 99 students took advantage of this option. In addition to serving as TAs for courses (13) and pursuing individual projects in the arts such as music, visual arts, and theater (60), the range of student intellectual choices was both vast and imaginative. These included Artificial Intelligence, Bacteriology, Cancer Biology, Capital Punishment, Creative Nonfiction, Eastern Philosophies, Electronic Music Composition, Forensic Science, French Literature, HIstory of China, Holocaust, Japanese Literature, Music and the Brain, Neuroscience, Russian Literature, and Technology Ethics. 


The Class of 2017 has 100 students. The average GPA is 3.52. This is unweighted, counting all graded courses, including the arts, in grades 9–11, but excluding P.E. and Human Development.

A. SAT Reasoning Test – Middle 50% Scores (130 tests taken):
    Combining both pre-March 2016 & post-March 2016 scores

Evidence Based Reasoning = 680–710, Math = 660–710

B. SAT Subject Tests – Middle 50% Scores (number in sample)

Biology - Molecular 630–730
  Math II 640–760 (48)
630–780 (10)
Chinese w/ List 780–790
650–760 (16)
English Literature
  U.S. History
650–740 (68)
French 620–760
  World History 780 (1)
Latin 590–720 (3)      









C. ACT Tests – Middle 50% Scores (50 tests taken)

English 30–35   Science Reasoning 27–33
Math  27–33    Composite 29–33
Reading  30–34       


D. National Merit Scholarship Information: In the Class of 2016, 14 students were named National Merit Semi-Finalists. 

E. Advanced Placement Examinations: In May 2016, UHS students took 374 examinations in the following subjects, which are mostly based on courses taught at UHS. We do not limit the number of AP courses students can take, but we urge them to attempt a reasonable load.

Scores: 5 (High) – 1 (Low)






Examination Subject
Art History
Calculus AB
27   12    5
Calculus BC
Chinese Language

 3   1 
Computer Science A 16 
 12    5
Economics – Macro      
Economics – Micro  7 
English Language    1 
English Literature  6
 4  2   
Environmental Science  4   1     2  
European History  2  2    
French Language   7   1
Japanese Language    
Music Theory    3  1  
Physics 1          
Physics C (E & M)  8 

Physics C (Mech)
Spanish Language       
Spanish Literature      
Studio Art: 2–D       
Studio Art: 3–D
Studio Art: Drawing      4 

U.S. History 28  43 19
Total Tests Taken 174  124 51  22 

93% scored 3 or above and 79% scored 4 or above. We do not offer AP Biology, AP Macroeconomics, AP English, AP Japanese Language, AP Physics 1, or AP Spanish, but some students take the exams. 


Following is a list of the major college and universities where the school’s graduates have enrolled over the past five years. If no one chose to enroll during this period, but students were admitted, no number is assigned. One-hundred percent of our students enroll in four-year colleges.

American University   2
Amherst College   6
Arizona State   2 
Bard College  
Barnard College   2
Bates College   4
Bennington College   1
Boston College   3
Boston University   9
Bowdoin College   6
Brandeis University   3
Brown University   9
Bryn Mawr College   
Bucknell University   2  
California Institute of Technology   1
California State University, East Bay   1
Carleton College   5
Carnegie Mellon University   2
Chapman University   3
Claremont McKenna College   5
Colby College   6
Colgate University   13
College of Marin   1
College of William and Mary   1
Colorado College   1   
Columbia University   8
Connecticut College   7
Cornell College   1
Cornell University   7
Dartmouth College   8
Dickinson College   1
Duke University   7  
Emory University   2   
Fordham University   3 
Franklin & Marshall College   1
Furman University   1
George Washington University   
Georgetown University   5
Grinnell College   1  
Hamilton College (NY)   3     
Harvard University   17  
Harvey Mudd College   1
Haverford College   2
Indiana University at Bloomington   2
Jewish Theological Seminary of America   1

Johns Hopkins University   4
Kenyon College   4
King's College (London)   2
Lafayette College   1
Lehigh University   1
Lewis and Clark College   2    
Loyola Marymount University   2
Loyola University (MD)   1       

Macalester College   1 
Massachusetts Institute of Technology   2    

McGill University   1
Middlebury College   11   
Mount Holyoke College   2
Muhlenberg College   2
The New School – Eugene Lang College   2 

New York University   15
Northeastern University   2

Northwestern University   8
Notre Dame de Namur University   1
Oberlin College   6  
Occidental College   6
Pacific University   1

Pitzer College
Point Loma Nazarene University   1
Pomona College   4 
Princeton University   11
Reed College   3 
Rhode Island School of Design   1
Rice University
San Francisco State University   1   
Santa Clara University   2
Sarah Lawrence College   2
Scripps College   3 
Seattle University   1
Skidmore College   3
Smith College   2
Sonoma State University   1
Southern Methodist University   2
St. John's College   1 

Stanford University   16
Swarthmore College   4
Syracuse University   3
Trinity College (CT)   3
Tufts University   12 
Tulane University   4
University of Arizona   1
University of British Columbia   2 

University of California
      Berkeley   12 
      Davis   5
      Los Angeles   6

      San Diego   1 
      Santa Barbara   5 
      Santa Cruz   3
University of Chicago   5 
University of Colorado at Boulder   4 
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign   2
University of Massachusetts, Amherst   1 

University of Michigan   4
University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill   
University of Notre Dame   4
University of Oregon   1   

University of Pennsylvania   7
University of Puget Sound   2      
University of San Diego   1
University of San Francisco    
University of Southern California   14
University of St Andrews (Scotland)   3
University of Texas, Austin   1
University of the Pacific   1   
University of Virginia   3  
University of Washington   1
University of Wisconsin, Madison
Ursinus College   2

Vanderbilt University   3
Vassar College   5
Washington and Lee University   1   
Washington University in St. Louis   14
Wellesley College   4
Wesleyan University   6
Western Washington University   1
Wheaton College (IL)   1

Wheaton College (MA)   2
Whitman College   8
Whittier College   1 

Willamette University   3
Williams College   2
Worcester Polytechnic Institute   1
Yale University   12

Profile at a Glance

• Number of Students
in the Class of 2017
: 100

• Class of 2017 Median GPA: 3.52

• Percentage of UHS Students Who Scored A 3 or Higher on Their AP Exams in May 2016: 93%

• Percentage of UHS Students Who Participate in Sports: 82%

• Percentage of UHS Students Who Enroll in Four-Year Colleges: 100%

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