The overarching goal of the Learning Services Program is to encourage all students to become metacognitive learners. The learning specialist is available to work with all students who have concerns about their learning or study skills. Students may seek help with organization, workload management, study strategies, note-taking, or self-advocacy. The learning specialist also works closely with students who have diagnosed learning differences, ADHD/ADD, or other difficulties that impact their learning.
Students may contact Rochelle Reodica via email or office visit (Room M-17 in the Library). Rochelle is also available for consultation with parents by phone or in person.



Rochelle Reodica 
Learning Specialist
(415) 447-3183

Requesting Accomodations

For information about how to request academic accommodations, please click here.

The Learning Center

Many students prefer to study in a quiet place that is free from distractions. The Learning Center is a space for quiet, individual study, and is available to all members of the UHS community. There are three computers available, equipped with Natural Reader text-to-speech software and noise-cancellation headphones. The Learning Center bulletin board shares resources related to learning, neuroscience, and specific learning difficulties. You can find the Learning Center in the Library, in M-313.

Student Resources:

Using the Free Text-To-Speech Function On Your Mac

All newer Mac operating systems are capable of reading text aloud to you.
To use:

Go to System Preferences and click the "Speech" icon, which is a little microphone.
Choose a voice you like and the speed you are comfortable with.
Click "Change Key" to select the shortcut keys that you would like to use when accessing this function. Choose something quick and easy that you will remember.
Now in any Word document you can highlight the text you want to hear and press your shortcut keys to have it read to you. Great for proofreading of your own work, checking emails before you send them, or just listening to a reading!

What Is Natural Reader?

NaturalReader is a text-to-speech software with natural sounding voices. This easy-to-use program can read to you any text such as Microsoft Word files, webpages, PDF files, and e-mails. NaturalReader can also convert any written text into audio files such as MP3 or WAV.
Natural Reader can:
Help with proofreading: not only can help you to pick out mistakes, but also can give you a good sense of the natural flow of what you have written.
Help people with learning difficulties, such as dyslexia: improves your reading, comprehension, spelling skills and concentration by listening to the text while reading.
Help with learning foreign languages: allows you to practice listening and pronunciation with natural-sounding voices of multiple languages.
Natural Reader is available on all the computers in the Learning Center, or you can check it out for your computer at home at www.naturalreaders.com

Distraction Reduction

Rainymood.com – Music can be distracting, so if you need to listen to something, try the sound of rain to block out other noises and keep you focused.

Self Control – A free application for Mac that let's you block out email, Facebook, twitter alerts, etc. for a predetermined amount of time, so you can focus on what you're doing. Get it at http://selfcontrolapp.com/

Isolator – Let's you block out your desktop, background icons, etc so you can concentrate on the program you're working in. Get it at http://willmore.eu/software/isolator/

Other Useful Apps

MyHomework or iHomework: a digital alternative for keeping track of homework and assignments, this app can help you get organized and will even send you text alerts when things are due.

Dyscalulator: a digital calculator designed especially for people with Dyscalculia. Allows you to do things such as reverse the order of an equation, and other handy functions.

Typ-o lite : this free app takes predictive spelling one step further. As you write your text, you can select the level of help you want with the spelling, and even listen to the word options it gives before selecting the right one. This app also works in other languages, such as Spanish, and there is a version with more features called Typo-HD for $14.99.

Know of other useful apps that people might find helpful? Please email them to me, and I'll add them here.

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