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UHS challenges each individual to live a life of integrity, inquiry, and purpose larger than the self.

Our Mission

San Francisco University High School welcomes students of demonstrated motivation and ability to engage in an education that fosters responsibility and the spirited pursuit of knowledge. We are a school where adults believe in the promise of every student, and together we work to build and sustain a community of diverse backgrounds, perspectives, and talents. UHS challenges each individual to live a life of integrity, inquiry, and purpose larger than the self. We are guided by our core values:
Inquiry, Care, Integrity, Agency, and Interconnection. 


59% of UHS students identify as students of color

48% of UHS faculty identify as faculty of color

57% of UHS trustees identify as trustees of color


480 students enrolled from 101 middle schools 

Students come from 50 different zip codes


$4.4M to the 21% of students who participate in the Financial Aid program

Average tuition cost for families participating in the Financial Aid program: $14,880


113 courses offered, including 95 electives

60% of UHS students will create at least one Independent Study project during their time at UHS


55+ student led clubs and organizations

80% of students take more than the two-year Arts requirement


84% of students play on at least one UHS team per year
across 41 teams and 20 different sports

Testimonial Test

"The spirit of Inquiry is a powerful engine at University High School – teachers can walk into the classroom on the first day expecting students to dive in, headlong."

Byron Philhour, Dean of Teaching and Learning and UHS parent

Testimonial test 2

"What makes University High School a community is we support each other in order for everyone to reach their full potential."

Alice, Class of 2025

Testimonial test 3

"At UHS, there are programs specifically designed to encourage students to pursue their interests and strive to make change."

Sean, Class of 2022

Testimonial test 4

"By creating and sustaining safe spaces in and out of the class for students to explore and share their experiences, our community grows closer and more understanding of the web that connects us."

Alexandra Simmons, Dean of Student Life

Testimonial Test 5

"High school students need to feel a sense of belonging to thrive. UHS students discover their voices and thrive in the classrooms, on the stage, in the studio, and on the athletic courts and fields."

Matt Levinson, Head of School

Belonging at UHS

From our Mentoring Program, to our Institute for Responsive Education, to our Independent Studies Program, UHS embraces education as a transformational experience where students invent and sustain their own vision of success and sense of purpose. 

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