Our Core Values: Inquiry, Care, Integrity, Agency, Interconnection



The trustees, administration, faculty, parents, alumni, and student body of San Francisco University High School believe that a diverse and inclusive community strengthens and empowers us all. UHS knows that learning about differences in academic background, socioeconomic status, ethnicity, gender, race, religion, and sexual orientation promotes an environment of understanding and appreciation.

We also understand that being a part of a diverse community is a challenge. UHS meets this challenge by exploring the similarities and differences in our community, by examining stereotypes, and by acknowledging all perspectives. Valuing all members of our community enhances our learning environment and provides an honest and useful framework for our students to understand better the complex, multicultural world in which we live.

Diversity at UHS is founded on our school's commitment to the idea that all students should have an opportunity to thrive. As this statement indicates, a respect for diversity is deeply rooted in the liberal arts tradition and is the foundation of teaching and learning at University High School. Since 1975, UHS has been committed to building a community that reflects and embraces the great diversity of the San Francisco Bay Area. While that goal is our mission, we realize that achieving it takes sustained efforts. To help us get there, we support a number of important initiatives under the leadership of the director of multicultural education. Additionally, the UHS Parent Alliance for Community Equity (ACE) works to ensure that issues of diversity and equity are under consideration in every facet of our school community and the vice-presidents of diversity are elected by the student body to serve on the Student Council. Our faculty also regularly seek out opportunities to engage the community in meaningful discussions about self-discovery, social justice, and equity, including on our annual Community Day. These efforts are integral to our academic program and our ability to teach every student.

We value the perspective and experience that each person brings to our community. We believe that our strength and growth as individuals and as a school comes in large measure from how we learn from and with one another, how we honor our differences, and how we find common ground. You will meet many kinds of people at UHS. Learning to take the ideas of others seriously—especially those which may be different from your own—is a valuable skill and vital to building and maintaining an inclusive community.

The UHS Journal

Our Mission

University High School welcomes students of demonstrated motivation and ability to engage in an education that fosters responsibility and the spirited pursuit of knowledge. We are a school where adults believe in the promise of every student, and together we work to build and sustain a community of diverse backgrounds, perspectives, and talents. UHS challenges each individual to live a life of integrity, inquiry, and purpose larger than the self.