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Faculty & Staff Directory 2022-2023

Faculty and Staff A-L

As we conduct a systemwide IT upgrade and data integration, our Faculty & Staff Directory will appear in this list format. We look forward to bringing you a directory that includes photos and bios soon. 

Abraham Otelima Technology Technology Support Supervisor
Acu Adrian English Instructor of English
Ahmed Adam English Instructor of English
Alverez-Zepata Keric Human Development Responsive Education Instructor
Angulo-Sandoval Mauricio Business Office Assistant Controller
Apkhazava Gvantsa Language Instructor of Spanish
Ayertey Juliet Math Instructor of Mathematics
Baker Rhett Justin Admissions Office Associate Director of Admissions
Bason Shaundra Development Office Director of Development
Beale Hayley Library Librarian
Berrett Jesse History Instructor of History
Bhuta Sandeep Math Instructor of Mathematics
Bittner Borden Jennifer Development Office Decorator Showcase Operations Director
Borkovi Tonyanna Science Instructor of Science
Boucher Anne Language Instructor of French
Brewer Terrence Arts Instructor of Music
Brown John (JT) Academic Dean Registrar
Carmona Pierre English Instructor of English
Carroll Lisa Arts Instructor of Art
Cassell Katelyn Admissions Office Senior Assoc. Director of Admissions
Catalan Bianca Human Development Director of Community Engagement
Chang Benjamin Language Instructor of Spanish
Chapman Joel Arts Instructor of Music
Chase Hommeyer Library Library Assistant
Clarke Ashley English Instructor of English
Clayton Michael History Instructor of History
Coles Carol Academic Dean Assistant to the Deans
Crowell Daniel Business Office Controller/Business Manager
Dang Dung Facilities Environmental Service Attendant
Davidson Ezra History Instructor of History
Devault Rochelle Science Instructor of Science
Dorazio Leah Math Instructor of Mathematics
Faerron James Arts Director of Technical Theatre & Art Department Chair
Faris Elizabeth College Counseling Office Assistant to the Director of College
Farrell Shoba Dean of Faculty Assistant Dean of Professional Growth & Development
Firoozye Newsha Business Office Human Resources Director
Foster A'Jaee Athletics Assistant Director of Athletics
Fujii Caela Arts Instructor of Art
Funes Nelson Science Instructor of Science
Galatas Andrew Science Instructor of Science
Garrett Katherine College Counseling Office Director of College Counseling
Garza Thelma Development Office Director of Events & Special Projects
Goeller Bria Arts Instructor of Art
Gonzalez-Rodriguez Gabriel Facilities Environmental Service Attendant
Harris Mark Arts Instructor of Art
Hartmann Emma Science Instructor of Science
Henderson Bayete History Instructor of History
Holler Barbara English Instructor of English
Holt Michael English Instructor of English
Hsieh Bih-Hsya Language Instructor of Chinese
Huang Christine English Instructor of English
Hunter Nicole Library Librarian
Hunter Jack Math Instructor of Mathematics
Iskander Nasif Dean of Faculty Assistant Head of School & Dean of Faculty
Jacobs Benjamin Math Instructor of Mathematics
Jacobs Christina Science Instructor of Science
Jesi Gale Arts Instructor of Art
Kapuya Tilda Human Development Director of Equity & Community
Keller Derrick Summerbridge/ Business Office Associate Director of Programming & Operations/ Learning
Ketcham James Athletics Director of Athletics & Physical Education
Klebahn Annie Human Development School Counselor
Kline Jenny History Instructor of History
Lai Wendy Math Instructor of Mathematics
Le Serena English Instructor of English
Lett De Shan Academic Dean Director of Learning Services
Levinson Matthew Head of School Head of School
Li Wen Language Instructor of Chinese
Lima de los Santos Ana Development Office Development Associate
Limbach Corinne Human Development Director of Wellness & Leadership
Lundy Nathan Admissions Office Director of Enrollment Management & Strategy

Faculty and Staff M-Z

Mallory Kimberley Business Office Front Desk Manager
Marrs Carin Athletics Coordinator of Equity, Training, and Compliance
Martin Susannah Arts Instructor of Theater
Martin Christopher History Instructor of History
Martin Gaby Language Instructor of Spanish
Martin Demetrius Technology Technology Services Manager
Mazar Kindelan Ernesto Arts Instructor of Music
McDaniels Ruth Head of School Communications Director
McNulty Carolyn History Instructor of History
Metts Alezja Development Office Annual Giving Director
Mlinar Mirjana Business Office Safety and Crossing Monitor
Moreno-Jimenez Camila Summerbridge Director of Student and Family Services
Ngo Hong Facilities Environmental Service Attendant
Ngo Thang Facilities Environmental Service Attendant
Nguyen Hao Facilities Sr. Environmental Service Attendant
Northcroft Dara Summerbridge Executive Director, Summerbridge
Novak Michael Business Office Chief Financial Officer/Chief Operating
Nuqui Theresa Facilities Sr. Environmental Service Attendant
O'Donnell Ryan English Instructor of English & Theater
Olson Heather Admissions Office Admissions Assistant
Padro-Campos Ernesto Language Instructor of Spanish
Paladugu Nikhil Arts Instructor of Art
Partovi Haleh Math Instructor of Mathematics
Pascual-Dequina Tina Business Office Director of Finance and Administration
Patel Shaina Summerbridge Summerbridge Director of Programming & Instruction
Perko Mary Jane Math Instructor of Mathematics
Philhour Byron Academic Dean Dean of Teaching and Learning
Philhour Marjan Development Office Campaign and Major Gifts Officer
Pilaar Roselyne Language Instructor of French
Probst Luke Science Instructor of Physics
Reyes Darlene Facilities Sr. Environmental Service Attendant
Roth David Math Instructor of Mathematics
Ryan Ian Technology Interim Technology Manager
Sanders Timothy Science Instructor of Physics
Sarmiento Mario Facilities Facilities Supervisor
Senatore Helena Language Instructor of Spanish and Language Access Coordinator
Sexton Rebecca Arts Instructor of Art
Simmons Alexandra Dean of Students Dean of Students
Smith Alex Associate Director of Athletics Athletics
Smith Bradley Business Office Safety and Crossing Monitor
Stares Mary Business Office Director of Operations
Stark Marianna Development Office Director of Alumni Engagement
Storti Megan Math Instructor of Mathematics & Dept. Chair
Thomas Khaleh Science Instructor of Science
Titus Stuart College Counseling Office College Counselor
Traiber Ariel Math Instructor of Mathematics
Trainor Kerry History Instructor of History
Veguez Tyler-Rose College Counseling Office Associate Director of College Counseling
Vuong Man Facilities Environmental Service Attendant
Walker Demond Human Development Interim Director of Equity & Community
Wallace Darcy Business Office Director of Facilities
Wang Huanwen (Carina) Language Instructor of Chinese
Wang Nevarez Osvaldo Science Instructor of Science
Ward Evan Language Instructor of Latin
Whittington Jeff Business Office Safety and Crossing Monitor
Willits Ysabel Business Office Accounting Specialist
Wong Christina History Instructor of History
Young Sharon Head of School Executive Assistant