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The Student Drama Series is coming!

San Francisco University High School is thrilled to announce that the 2021 Virtual Student Drama Series will take place over two nights, Thursday-Friday, Feb. 25-26 at 7 p.m., showcasing nine completely new virtual performance creations from nine UHS students: Anna Neumann-Loreck ‘21, Ava Jo ‘21, David Wignall ‘21, Janavi Padala ‘21, Lauren Schneider ‘21, Madelyn Ockner ‘21, Matthew Gin ‘21, Mishka Shirin-Stroh ’21, and Sara Tagol ‘21. The 2021 Virtual Student Drama Series is the culmination of over seven months of work by the Advanced Projects in Theatre class and it includes the participation, as creators, designers, performers, musicians, assistant directors, stage managers, editors, mixers, and technicians, of at least 30 UHS Students (and one faculty member!). The projects are varied and diverse—everything from adaptations of a short story by the great Gabriel Garcia Marquez and a Pixar short film; to an absurdly comedic piece about technology, the environment, and one family’s journey from canned food to wild lands; to a short musical about the value of friendships lost and reclaimed; to a sci-fi dystopian tale of one woman’s efforts to escape a frightening human experiment; to a series of vignettes about the Pandemic itself. The students in Advanced Projects have been imagining, creating, and writing, since at least August, and directing, re-writing, designing, rehearsing, recording, and editing since November, and they are excited to share their work with an audience. 

Please join us in support of our incredibly talented Advanced Projects students when the Student Drama Series takes to the internet Thursday and Friday, February 25 and 26 at 7 p.m. on ZOOM. Admission is FREE!

 (Zoom details will be shared via community email prior to the event)