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san francisco university high school

Please join the Arts Department on April 4th from 5-7pm in the Jackson Street Gallery to celebrate the students of AP Studio Art 2019.

The AP Studio Art class spends the majority of the school year producing a portfolio of artwork for submission to the AP College Board in May. There are three components to this AP Portfolio:

Quality: exhibits the development of a sense of excellence in art.

Concentration: exhibits an in-depth commitment to a theme of the student’s choosing.

Breadth: highlights a variety of experiences in the formal, technical, and expressive means available to an artist.

For this year’s exhibition, the AP Studio artists are exhibiting work from the Concentration section of their AP Portfolio.

Students include:

Magdalena Alioto Grace
Joley Costa
Judith Edwards
Eva Lee
Georgia Lewis
Giulia Miotto Leal
Ebony Morris
Jasper Schutt
Aldo Schwartz
Pia Tate
Kira Upin
Tiph Herrick