Our Core Values: Inquiry, Care, Integrity, Agency, Interconnection


san francisco university high school


It is with great pride that we announce that San Francisco University High School was awarded a prestigious leadership grant from the Edward E. Ford Foundation in November 2019. Acknowledging UHS’s innovative work building internal institutional research capacity especially in the area of student engagement, this $250K grant, for which we will need to raise $250K to match, is awarded to projects that “promise a significant impact on the practice and thinking in the independent school community throughout the country, are innovative and replicable, encourage bold, new ideas that address challenges faced by independent schools and  have a "ripple" effect where the benefits of the successful pursuit of an idea will not be limited to a single school.” We look forward to keeping you informed about our institutional research work and what we continue to learn about student interconnection and thriving in the high school years.

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