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san francisco university high school

WHAT: Jackson Street Gallery Professional Art Opening #3: Bloom

ARTIST: Jackie Langelier (UHS, ’12)

CURATOR: Gale Jesi

WHEN: Opening Reception: Friday, January 31, 5-7 p.m.; Art Show up from January 31-March 8, 2020

WHERE: Jackson Street Gallery and Lounge

WHY: For the third exhibition in the Jackson Street Gallery this year, UHS Photo Instructor Gale Jesi, is bringing UHS Alum, Jackie Langelier, ‘12, back to the school to present her work in a show titled Bloom.


Artist statement:

I am fascinated by the process of blooming—burgeoning life, vitality, beauty, and things coming into being—as well as complementary processes of decay and decomposition—that which encompasses ugliness, deterioration, and festering flesh. Decay is both the precondition for and fate of the evasive state of beauty, a common object of desire. Decay is both the beginning and the end in the cycle of beauty.

Blooming is also a significant component of any female-bodied experience.

My practice is imbued with a dual understanding of femininity as both essentially elegant and grotesque. Women and girls are often linked to motifs of blood, birth, incubation, purity, impurity, flowers, and pastel hues (especially shades of pink).

I am inspired by unhinged women—spinsters and widows, Edith Beales, Miss Havishams, and Lady MacBeths—women who live in both luxury and detritus, and who are cast apart (by their own volition or not) from mainstream society. I am also interested in the breakdown of sanity that occurs behind the façade of extreme affluence. This body of work explores the affinity between femininity and madness and the creeping horror of ostentatious wealth.

Jackie Langelier’s Artist Bio:

Jackie Langelier grew up in San Francisco and graduated from UHS in 2012. She received her BA in Art Practice and MA in Art History from Stanford University in 2017 where she was awarded the Robert M. Golden Medal for Excellence in the Humanities and Creative Arts, the Louis Sudler Prize in the Performing and Creative Arts and the John Shively Fowler Award in Photography. She is currently pursuing an MFA in film at USC’s School of Cinematic Arts. When she is not taking photos, you can find Jackie frolicking among the Silverlake clown community.