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UHS Theatre Presents: The Dispute

by Pierre de Marivaux
Translated by Gideon Lester
Directed by Beth Wilmurt

Friday-Saturday, October 26-27, 2018
7:30 PM
UHS Theater
3150 Washington Street

For Tickets and Information go to: sfuhs.org/arts

"Who was the first to be unfaithful? Man or woman? At what cost do we care about the answer?"

In Marivaux’s The Dispute, a Prince claims his father had this very argument 18-years-ago and to settle it, the King locked away four newborn babies to be raised in isolation from the world – and from each other. On the children’s 18th birthday, they are released so that “the adults” can observe how they behave. At first glance, this 18th century French comedy is about love, jealousy and betrayal but it covers additional ground including issues of gender, race and class. “…within the heartless experiment there is something ruefully comic.” – Michael Billington, The Guardian