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Our Students and Campus

Scholars, artists, athletes and activists, to name a few, make up the 450 students who come from throughout the Bay Area to connect, engage, and share every day at UHS. Our school community is an exciting place to be, thanks to the incredible diversity of people who have come to define it. Although it’s impossible to quantify the intelligence, perspectives, talents, and aspirations that these individuals share, check out our Enrolled Student Profile for a snapshot of who we are.


Get to know some of our students in our Student Spotlight.


Our beautiful campus provides the spaces for great relationships to blossom, in-depth study to take place, and creativity to be explored. Additionally, our state-of-the-art facilities provide the resources needed for students to deeply engage. UHS is comprised of four campuses: Upper Campus on Jackson Street is home to the History and English Departments, as well as Admissions, College Counseling, and the Head of School's office. Adjacent to Upper Campus, Middle Campus houses the Performing Arts Department, Science Labs, the Student Center, and the Academic Center, which includes Summerbridge and the Dennis A. Collins Library. Directly across the street from Middle Campus is Lower Campus, which includes the Math and Science Departments and Athletics. South Campus on Sacramento Street houses the Languages Department, Visual and Studio Arts, and the uLab.