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University High School requires that each student complete two years of a science for graduation. The requirement will be met by 9th grade Physics and 10th grade Chemistry, respectively. However, all students are strongly encouraged to leave UHS with a foundation in all three fundamental sciences (biology, chemistry, and physics). The advanced electives that we may offer in upcoming years include Astronomy, Geology, Advanced Projects in Physics, Advanced Topics in Modern Chemistry, AP Environmental Science, and biology electives including Human Physiology, Global Infectious Disease, and other advanced topics that have not yet been determined. Any elective with an “AP,” “Advanced,” or “Honors” designation is considered a “college-level” course. Permission to enroll in some advanced courses is granted at the discretion of the instructor and the science department as a whole and will be based on a student’s past record in science classes. Taking more than one science course at a time requires permission of the department and space in the desired course. In scheduling classes, we will accommodate all single-course students first.

Human Physiology