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Tuition & Financial Aid

Affording UHS

UHS Financial Aid Mission Statement
The San Francisco University High School financial aid program empowers us to build and sustain an excellent learning community. We commit to seeking and enrolling students from diverse socio-economic and cultural backgrounds and meeting their financial need to ensure that they can engage fully in the UHS experience.

UHS Financial Aid Philosophy
Since our founding, UHS has maintained a community of equity and excellence by admitting students of diverse backgrounds, perspectives, and talents, regardless of their financial means. To fulfill this commitment, UHS maintains a strong financial aid program and allocates a significant portion of our annual budget to financial aid. In 2023–2024, 21% of our student body will receive about $4.4 million in financial aid. We award grants to students each year based upon their family's demonstrated need and the school's available funds. Admission decisions and financial aid decisions are made separately; applicants are evaluated for admission without regard to a request for aid.

Important Dates for Applicant Families

Beginning August 2023:

  • To apply to participate in the financial aid program, begin by creating a parent account on the Clarity Tuition website. You will use this account to upload all of your financial aid application components. *Note for divorced or separated parents, or never-married parents living apart: a separate financial aid application must be submitted for each household.
  • Clarity Tuition is a newly released financial aid platform that is more user friendly, offers a more seamless user experience, and has greater functionality. In alignment with our vision to be a strategically nimble educational institution, we have made the decision to adopt this leading edge platform in order to offer families a more accessible experience.
  • If you have already submitted an application through the SSS platform to another school, please let us know at and we will provide a waiver code to cover the cost of the Clarity Tuition application fee. 
By January 9, 2024:

  • Submit your financial aid application and all relevant attachments to your parent account on the Clarity Tuition website.
    • 2022 Form W-2/1099
    • Completed 2022 Federal Tax Return 1040, 1040A, or 1040EZ
  • Optional: Submit a Letter of Family Circumstance. If a letter of explanation would help us better understand your situation, please include it with the rest of your application in your Clarity Tuition parent account.
By March 1, 2024:

  • Upload the following to your Clarity Tuition parent account:
    • 2023 Form W-2/1099
    • 2023 Federal Tax Return 1040, 1040A, or 1040EZ with all documents.
    • An informed estimate is sufficient for the 2023 tax return as we realize all documents required for filing may not be available in February. However, a 2023 W-2/1099 and 1040, 1040A, or 1040EZ must be completed and submitted in order to be considered for financial aid. The application is considered incomplete without it and all pertinent schedules and documents.
  • Please check out our Financial Aid FAQs For more information and any questions, please contact Nate Lundy, Director of Enrollment Management and Strategy, at (415) 447-3104 or
  • For more information, please review the Clarity Quick Reference Guide or the Family Application Guide.