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Tuition and Additional Costs

To help families plan for a UHS education, we have distilled some of the main annual expenses associated with attending UHS in 2018–19; the costs vary by grade. A more detailed list will be provided with an enrollment agreement in the UHS acceptance letter mailed in March.

TUITION FOR 2018–2019$46,960
Estimated average annual additional costs, across grades 9–12, include: Parents Association dues*, Activity Fee*, Grad Night Fee*, textbooks, outdoor education, purchased meals and snacks, athletic gear, athletic travel, standardized testing, and the college application process.

* Mandatory fees: PA dues are $60; Activity Fee is $250; Grad Night Fee is $105.

To learn about financial aid at UHS, please click here.


Upon submitting a completed UHS enrollment contract, a $4,500 deposit is required to reserve a space for the 2018–19 school year. The deposit amount can change slightly from year to year. For recipients of financial aid awards, the deposit amount differs according to the grant amount awarded, all of which is outlined in the enrollment contract.

UHS offers two payment plans:

  • Standard Payment Plan – 60% of tuition is due by June 15, 2018 and the balance is due by December 17. 2018.
  • Ten-Month Payment Plan – Tuition is paid in installments on the 15th of each month from April through January. There is a $50 enrollment fee. You can indicate your choice for this interest-free payment plan on your enrollment contract. All families receiving financial aid will be automatically enrolled in the Ten-Month Payment Plan.