Our Core Values: Inquiry, Care, Integrity, Agency, Interconnection


san francisco university high school


Trustee, President
Alumni Association

"Like most of us, my love of learning was nurtured at UHS. University gave me the early confidence and skills to pursue my interests beyond the classroom."

KUSHNER ’79, P ’20, ‘23

Past Co-Chair, UHS Parent Alliance for Community and Equity

P '23


"I give to honor the incredible teachers I had during high school. The education I received at UHS gave me a strong foundation for the rest of my life, and I hope to preserve that excellence for future generations."

'98, SB '94

Co-Chair, The Campaign for University High School: Connect.Invent.Design.

"I give to UHS because in so doing, I feel like I am paying it forward to those who gave so much to me when I was at the school."


Honorary Chair, Red Rovers Family Activity Group

"I support UHS because I’m grateful for the education I received from teachers and students in my day, and because I value the leadership and vision of the current administration."


Alumni Annual Fund Chair, Trustee

"UHS is where I learned to write, think, and play basketball. It was the best group of teachers I ever had. I give because I'd like to ensure the next generation of kids enjoy the same benefits I had."

OSCAR FLORES '89, SB '84, P '13

Honorary Co-Chair, Summerbridge Alumni

"We support the Annual Fund because we value the impact of education, and respect the values fostered by UHS and Summerbridge. The institution is always evolving to support each student inside and outside the classroom. As a parent of Brenda '13, we see this promise continue across generations."


Director of Alumni Engagement & Giving

"I give to UHS to honor the friendships I made while I was in high school, and for the new friendships and professional relationships I have developed with alumni who I didn’t know in school, and who are now important people in my life."

P '21

Honorary Chair, Alumni Honors

“I give because together with my classmates and friends we learned to think critically, find our voices and value service at UHS. I hope to honor peers who are making a difference and support students at UHS today and tomorrow.”


UHS Oversight Committee on Equity and Community and Honorary Chair, LGBTQIA Affinity Group

"UHS made a tremendous impact on me. I cherish my teachers and friends who are still some of the most influential people in my life. At UHS I felt supported, challenged, and empowered to become a leader and bridge-builder in my community."



"UHS played a special role in my life, honing and shaping my perspective and preparing me for college and to excel professionally, to be a leader and an advocate for a better society. At UHS, I had the opportunity to push myself, explore, create, and lead."




Honorary Co-Chair, Summerbridge Alumni

"When you are in school you see adults, but when you are at Summerbridge it is easier to see yourself represented and connect. And when I became a teaching fellow, I realized the important opportunity I had to become a woman of color teaching science." 


Candace Yu '00


"I give to UHS because of how the community - students, faculty, staff - and the academic curriculum enabled me to explore intersectional dimensions of my identity meaningfully and to plant the early roots of my subsequent career in public service and social impact work."


Chair, Changemakers Forum

"I give because, like many alumni, I owe much of who I am today to the foundation and values that the UHS experience provided, and feel a special connection to this community. I want to help those experiences flourish for new generations of students who will become creators, thought leaders, and changemakers."



"I give to UHS because I support UHS's mission. University gave me the building blocks for success, and the academics continue to inform my thinking and daily work. Giving ensure that others will also leave UHS best prepared to achieve their pursuits."


Honorary Co-Chair, Summerbridge Alumni

"At Summerbridge I felt connected to everyone, cared for as a student and person, and encouraged to identify and pursue the best opportunities available to me."