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Alumni Leadership Circle

We would like to recognize these members of the Alumni Leadership Circle for their commitment to and support of University High School. Annual contributions of $1,000 or more through any of the school’s funds, including the UHS and Breakthrough Summerbridge Annual Fund, the Decorator Showcase, and the Next Level campaign, establish and sustain membership in this special group, now in its eigth year. Gifts from this group totaled $948,525 in 2021–2022.

2021-2022 Alumni Leadership Circle

Angelina Alioto-Grace ’88 and Danny Grace
Rahul Apte ’96
Starrs McBurney Arnot ’89
Jamie and Will ’93 Bartlett
Ted Bartlett ’87 and Donna Hoghooghi
Mary Haas Barton ’88 and Michael Barton Jr.
John ’78 and Susan Becker
Lisa Bransten ’84 and John Rumsey
Shelley Bransten ’86
Lesley Bunim ’95
Shannon K. Cadile ’93
JD Case ’13
Jason Cauthen ’96
Vera Chan-Waller ’92 and Nathan Waller
Stephen Cheung ’88
Kara Chew ’97
Leonard Chung ’98 and Lily Han
Pete ’92 and Precilla Clancy
Ed ’91 and Ginny Conner
George ’88 and Kristina Conner
George and Louisa ’82 Consagra
Scott ’78 and Lori Cooper
Charley Cornwell ’97
Peter ’86 and Dodie Crawford
Maggie Ford Danielson ’99 and Jason Scott
Samantha Bley DeJean ’89 and Brad DeJean
Mario DiPrisco ’93 and Jennifer DiPrisco
Jesse ’97 and Allison ’97 Eisenhardt
Will Ernst ’13
Aimee (Antonio) Evangelista ’95
Matt ’98 and Jessica Farron
 Jeremy S. Faust ’97 and Kate Taylor Faust ’97
Jeff ’95 and Jenny Fleishhacker
Kimberly Fullerton ’81 and Stephen Johnson
Anne Fung ’89 and Jeff Sternberg
Shreya Gandhi-Gupta ’16
Ned Geeslin ’14
Matt Giannini ’97
Louise Greenspan ’86 and Ben Barrett
Elliot Greenwald ’03
Sherman Griffin ’89
Elizabeth Hammerman ’98
Ross and Sara Hansen ’84 Wilson
Jeremy A. Horst Keeper, Ph.D. ’98
Rob and Carolyn ’01 Hunter
Hilary Ley Jager ’97 and Edwin Jager
Tali Jang ’04 and Ajmal Asver

Duggan Jensen ’97
Peter and Lindsay ’84 Joost
Amyn Kaderali ’90
Philip Kaplan ’84
Ryan Kellett ’05
Kristen Hale Kelly ’98 and Jim Kelly
Lisa Lindenbaum ’97 and Jacob Ehrenberg
Amelie Lipman ’04
Elyse Lipman ’05
Susan Lowenberg ’78 and Joyce Newstat
Alex ’86 and Lisa Mann
Stu ’90 and Meg McLaughlin
Sherief Meleis ’88
Ashley Mevi ’93 and Kevin Kneafsey
Nicola Miner ’88 and Robert Mailer Anderson
Colin Mistele ’03
Taylor ’86 and Jennifer Nagle
Thomas ’88 and Susan Newmeyer
Anne Gamrin Pantelick ’85 and Steven Pantelick
Hiten ’93 and Sangita Patel
Andrew T. Payne ’01
Rich Peterson ’86
Debbie Geller Reynolds ’84 and Roger Reynolds
Vanessa Roberts ’97
Adam Roth ’87 and Stephanie Kjar
Charles H. Russell-Schlesinger ’04
Juliet Sampson ’86 and Simon Mays-Smith
Catherine Sanger ’00
Heidi Philbrick Schell ‘81 and Steve Schell
Amy ’94 and Jon Seff
Geoffrey Smith ’95 and Catherine Stewart
Rian and Ontario ’02 Smith
Marianna Stark ’89 and Sam Perry
Suniqua Thomas ’97
Kathryn Cahill Thompson ’96
Erica and Clayton ’00 Timbrell
Anne Tolpegin ’88
William Tseng ’84
Courtney Weaver ’83 and Simon J. Frankel ’81
Rich ’92 and Alyson Welch
Warren Wu ’98
Lareina Yee ’91 and Humberto Galleno
Sandy Yeung ’92 and Rick Wee
Anthony Yu ’99
Candace ’00 and Wil Yu