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Alumni Leadership Circle

We would like to recognize these members of the Alumni Leadership Circle for their commitment to and support of University High School. Annual contributions of $1,000 or more through any of the school’s funds, including the UHS and Summerbridge Annual Fund, the Decorator Showcase, and the Student Endowment for Financial Aid, establish and sustain membership in this special group, now in its fifth year. Gifts from this group totaled $356,666 in 2018–2019.

The Alumni Leadership Circle also includes those who have established named endowment funds, and members of the Heritage Society, who have included University in their estate plans. 

In 1992, the Board of Trustees established the Heritage Society to honor those who have included University High School in their estate plans and to encourage others to consider this option. Planned gifts and bequests provide support that endures for future generations of students and ensures the continued excellence of the UHS curriculum. If you are interested in becoming a member of the Heritage Society, please contact Shaundra Bason, director of development, at shaundra.bason@sfuhs.org or 415-447-3119.


Angelina Alioto-Grace ’88 and Daniel Grace

Hugh and Sarah ’83 Barron

Ted Bartlett ’87 and Donna Hoghooghi

Will Bartlett ’93

Mary Haas Barton ’88 and Michael Barton Jr.

Samantha Bley ’89 and Brad DeJean

Max Boyer Glynn ’98 and David Glynn

Lesley Bunim ’95

Shannon K. Cadile ’93

Christie Blom Callaghan ’86

Bruce ’79 and Barbara Callander

JD Case ’13

Jason Cauthen ’96

Vera Chan-Waller ’92 and Nathan Waller

Margaret ’76 and Charles Charnas

Stephen Cheung ’88

Alex Chriss ’95

George Conner ’88

George and Louisa ’82 Consagra

Peter ’86 and Dodie Crawford

Elizabeth M. Dawson ’94

Dayna Wood Deaton ’80

Mario DiPrisco ’93 and Jennifer DiPrisco

Jennifer Huret Dulski ’89 and Len Dulski

Jill Axelrod Dyal ’95

Matt ’98 and Jessica Farron

Oscar ’89 and Susana Flores

Kimberly Fullerton ’81 and Stephen Johnson

Bella Shen Garnett ’93 and Eben Garnett

Ashley Gould ’92 and Carlos Privat


Louise Greenspan, MD, ’86 and Ben Barrett

Elliot Greenwald ’03

Mike Gridley ’91

Sherman Griffin ’89

Andrew Guggenhime ’86

Elizabeth Hammerman ’98

Lisa Guggenhime Hauswirth ’88

Boe ’96 and Sophie Hayward

Benjamin Swig Heldfond ’91

Patrick ’88 and Elizabeth Heron

Roger ’82 and Stephanie Hochschild

Molly Guggenhime Howson ’91

Gerald Huff ’81

Peter and Lindsay ’84 Joost

Ryan Kellett ’05

Kristen Hale Kelly ’98 and Jim Kelly

Gregory S. Kielian ’03

Daniel Krieger ’02

Katherine Mitchell Ladd ’91 and Alex Ladd

Susan E. Lowenberg ’78

Helen Manber and Bradley Solomon ’81

Alex Mann ’86 and Lisa Mann

Stu ’90 and Meg McLaughlin

Sherief Meleis ’88

Nicola Miner ’88 and Robert Mailer Anderson

Maryam Mohit Blachford ’85

Sascha ’86 and Mimi Mornell

Taylor ’86 and Jennifer Nagle

Thomas Newmeyer ’88 and Susan Newmeyer

Mary Shen O’Carroll ’94 and Mark O’Carroll

Anne Gamrin Pantelick ’85 and Steven Pantelick


Hiten ’93 and Sangita Patel

Tanya and Rich ’86 Peterson

Debbie Geller Reynolds ’84 and Roger Reynolds

Cary Cronholm Rose ’96

Adam Roth ’87 and Stephanie Kjar

Charles H. Russell-Schlesinger ’04

Courtney J. Sakai ’88

Juliet Sampson ’86 and Simon Mays-Smith

Catherine Sanger ’00 and Brandon Yoder

Heidi Philbrick Schell ’81 and Steve Schell

Beatrix Seidenberg ’86

Blair Rosenblatt Shane ’89

Geoffrey Smith ’95 and Catherine Stewart

Mr. and Mrs. Ontario Smith ’02

Ben Smith-Donald ’95

Erica and Clayton ’00 Timbrell

Christine Walther Tripp ’83

Julayne ’94 and Clayton Virgil

Sara ’84 and Ross Wilson

Grantham James Winfrey ’84

Anne Robinson Woods ’84 and

Montgomery Woods ’85

Warren Wu ’98

Lareina Yee ’91 and Humberto Galleno

Sandy Yeung ’92 and Rick Wee

Anthony Yu ’99

Anonymous (4)

Alumni Members of the Heritage Society

Tom Burke ’87

Cecily P. Burrill ’00

Christie Blom Callaghan ’86

Dr. and Mrs. Peter W. Callander ’83

Patrick ’88 and Elizabeth Heron

Kim and Ken ’86 High

Jessica Ludwig Kolbe ’76

Heidi Philbrick Schell ’81

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