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Alumni, if you'd like to list your business in the UHS Alumni Marketplace directory, send a jpg of your headshot, company logo, and URL to UHS.alumni@sfuhs.org. Don't see your category listed? We'll create a custom one for you.

*UHS alumni listed below who have made a donation of any amount within the past year have a star (*) next to their business name.

Architecture, Design, Construction

Clayton Timbrell '00*

Aaron Tartakovsky '08

Jennifer Weiss '89*

Matthew Peek '89*

Stephen Sutro ‘92


Creative Services

Anne Pantelick '85*

Marc Zegans ‘79

Mark Levison ‘87

Safire Lin '97

Culinary Arts

Minh Tsai '89


Sarah Bacon '90

Will Hartley '89*


Vera Chan Waller '92 P'22


Andrew F. Williams Ed.M '00

Matthew Lane '01


Betina Baumgarten ‘92*

Sandy Young '92*

Grant Winfrey '84*

Financial Services

Ted Levinson '90*

Miriam Wrobel ’94*


Health & Wellness

Lizzie Hammerman ’98*


Bella Shen Garnett DMD, MMSc, PC ’93*

Sarah Nina Hayon '95

Dr. Justin Shek '94

John Ascher-Roberts '11

Louise (Davis) Langheier '99*

Ben Gucciardi '01


Jackie Richards '03*

Information Technology

Alex Mann '86*

Harold Mann '84*

Legal Services

Samantha Bley DeJean '89

Cathleen Stadecker '92

Haregu Gaime ’97*


J.P Harbour '94

Scott Okamoto '94

Marketing, PR, Communications

Alex Afterman '89

Jen Hagan '96

Elena Madsen '89

Dan Herz '85


Robert Reffkin '97

Mollie Clifford '08

Ted Bartlett '87*

Matthew Cook ‘90*

Dara Saraf ’91*



J Derek Larson '80

Sascha Mornell '86*