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  • Over 75% of the student body is enrolled in Arts classes
  • Over 35 Arts classes offered
  • Over 80% of students take more than the minimum graduation requirement for the Arts
  • 3 theater productions, 6 art openings, and 4 music concerts every year
  • A large percentage of Independent Studies projects are sponsored by the Arts faculty
  • 10 Arts faculty members who are all working professionals in their fields and the disciplines in which they teach


As an academic department, our curriculum is designed to allow students to develop both the understanding and the creation of the arts. Every graduate of UHS has a hands-on experience in the arts, as well as a historical context for the discipline. The Curriculum Guide explains our curriculum in greater detail. In addition to our strong curriculum, the Arts faculty is proud to present an exciting program of events. We invite you to attend our performances, exhibits, and concerts, as this is the best way for you to experience our program. The vibrancy and energy of these events are a reflection of what students and teachers experience in our classrooms everyday. Our Arts Calendar can keep you up to date on our events.

Spotlight on Arts Events