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Welcome to the Arts at San Francisco University High School!

As an academic department, our curriculum is designed to allow students to develop both the understanding and the creation of the arts. Every graduate of UHS has a hands-on experience in the arts, as well as a historical context for the discipline. The Course Catalog explains our curriculum in greater detail. In addition to our strong curriculum, the Arts faculty is proud to present an exciting program of events. We invite you to attend our performances, exhibits, and concerts, as this is the best way for you to experience our program. The vibrancy and energy of these events are a reflection of what students and teachers experience in our classrooms everyday. Our Arts Calendar can keep you up to date on our events.

Overview of the Arts Department:

  • Over 75% of the student body is enrolled in arts classes
  • We offer over 35 arts classes
  • Over 80% of students take more than the minimum graduation requirement for the arts
  • We host three theater productions, six art openings, and four music concerts every year
  • A large percentage of the school’s Independent Studies projects are sponsored by the Arts faculty
  • We have nine Arts faculty members: seven full-time teachers and two part-time teachers; the Arts faculty are trained specifically in the disciplines that they teach

James Faerron
Arts Department Chair

The Student Drama Series is coming! 

San Francisco University High School is thrilled to announce that the 2019 Student Drama Series will take place at the beginning of March, showcasing seven completely new theatrical endeavors from seven UHS students: Fiona Brauer ’19, Sarah Camacho ’19, Nicholas della Cava ’19, Tamara Ekstrand ’19, Jacqueline Fong ’19, Chase Leffers ’19, and Margaret Martin ‘19.  The Student Drama Series is the culmination of 7 months of work by the Advanced Projects in Theatre class and it includes the participation, as creators, designers, performers, assistant directors, and technicians, of 40 UHS students. The projects are varied and diverse—everything from a lip-synched jukebox musical, to a comedic satire on faith and religion, to a 21st century adaptation of a Ray Bradbury short story, to an original music composition simultaneously inspired by Vivaldi and San Francisco. The students in Advanced Projects have been imagining, creating, and writing, since August, and directing, choreographing, conducting and rehearsing since November, and they are excited to share their work with an audience. 

Please join us and support our incredibly talented Advanced Projects students when the Student Drama Series takes the stage on Friday, March 1st for TWO showings at 4:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m. in (and around!) the UHS Theater.  Admission is FREE!

Jackson Street Gallery Professional Art Opening #3: Marginalia

ARTIST: Veva J Edelson, a San Francisco native, received an MFA from Mills College and has shown in Bay Area galleries and exhibitions. She currently lives and works on a small farm in Sonoma County where she has a studio and participates in the creation of a regenerative food system based in small local farms. Edelson’s visual art has been inspired and informed by her involvement in the ecosystem of a climate beneficial farm. She works within a fertile practice that identifies the subtle space between knowing and questioning. She gives the study a visual form while working in several mediums: sculpture, drawing, photography, installation and farming. Many of the processes in her practice involve slowing down, being present and repeating simple actions over time. 

CURATOR: Matthew Scheatzle

WHEN: Opening Reception: Friday, February 1, 5:00-7:00 PM; Art Show up from February 1 – March 8

WHERE: Jackson Street Gallery and Lounge

WHY: Marginalia are marks made in the margins of a book or other document such as scribbles, comments, glosses, critiques, doodles or illuminations. I use the term “Marginalia” to describe the 4 bodies of work in this exhibition: Tableau, Erasure, and Consumed & Wearable vessels. These sculptures and drawings explore layers and texture through serial repetitions of simple gestures like mark-making, crumpling and erasing, while also commenting on consumption.  All four pieces are concerned with obscured information. The acts of crumpling, writing, forming, sanding, contrasting and erasing in various mediums reflects my current commitment to process and experimentation – a willingness to try different methods and to embrace the necessary and accidental.

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