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Arts Interdisciplinary

The UHS Arts Program urges students to think about the arts outside of the traditional context of the studio or stage. We have several courses that investigate the creative process through a variety of lenses:

Civilization and The Arts : A Transcultural History of The West and The World (Civ) is a landmark class of University High School. Since the founding of UHS, it has served as the cornerstone of the Humanities program.  Required in the sophomore year, Civ has evolved over time into an interdisciplinary course that investigates the relationship among art, music and history and is taught by a team of teachers in each of the three disciplines. Civ surveys cultural developments from the Ancient Middle East to the globalized 21st century and examines the transcultural relationship between the west and the world.

AP Art History examines the history of art and material culture from the prehistoric through the contemporary era. Painting, sculpture, architecture, performance, photography, and works of mixed media from a variety of global traditions are considered. This course studies the major styles of each period while tracking and understanding the reasons for changes. The objects and works of study within this class discussed within their historical and social context by investigating critical issues that surround the works, such as patronage, identity, transculturation, and function.