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Arts Interdisciplinary

The UHS Arts Program urges students to think about the arts outside of the traditional context of the studio or stage. We have several courses that investigate the creative process through a variety of lenses:

Western Civilization: History of the Arts is a landmark class of University High School. Since the founding of UHS, it has served as the cornerstone of our UHS Arts and History Programs. Required in the sophomore year, this is an interdisciplinary course that investigates the relationship between the art, music, and history of Western culture. The course, taught by a team of teachers from the fields of art history, music history, and European history, surveys the cultural developments from Ancient Greece through the 21st century.

Art History AP is a college-level course that surveys the history of art from Paleolithic times to the present day. Artistic styles from both Western and Eastern traditions are studied.

Industrial Design will introduce students to the field of industrial design by investigating the set of unique principles that support this field, as well as the shared principles that create it. You will learn about form, structure, simple machines, stored energy, the design process, and prototyping through hands-on explorations and supplemented by lectures, films, field trips, and demonstrations.