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This is the final project for the Spring 2020 Songwriting class at University High School. This has been a huge cumulative effort, rudely interrupted, but not deterred, by COVID-19. Enjoy this wonderful album in whatever troubled time you're living!

Sutton Soinski

This song was written about generally not meeting people’s expectations but in the form of a love song. I basically just played my guitar and let the words flow. I am singing and playing the guitar, and Joel added in the amazing piano and percussion!

Kyra Kushner

It’s a sentimental love song imbued with a strong sense of melancholy about leaving and coming back. 

Vocals: Kyra Kushner
Guitar: August Burnett
Everything else: Joel 

Gavin McDonell

"Exile" is my attempt to tell the story of a solider from Ancient Greece who dreams of returning to his home country after being banished.  The lovely Benjamin Tripp is on lead vocals.

Vocals: Ben Tripp
Piano: Gavin McDonell
Bass + Drums + Organ + extra: Joel Chapman

Sydney Duncan

I wrote this song about a hopeless romantic who is paralyzed by anxiety. I wanted it to be a sweet song about pining and being naive and clumsy and stupid all at once.

Vocals: Sydney Duncan
Piano + Bass + Drums + extra: Joel Chapman

c0sM1C Awak3n1ng
Ace Savage

"The song pins two interpretations of the word dream against one another. In a literal sense, dream girl means the informal definition of the actual phrase while it also concretely represents a girl who was in a dream. I thought this would be funny and wrote about the character going on a giant love journey only to find out it was a dream. The voice is mine. My friend Kooper helped with the bass line while the guitar was sampled and the drums/melody were only from me." 

Alexa Fisher

- A lullaby type beat of stuff I wish I could be doing instead of stuck at home, enjoy ヽ(゚ー゚*ヽ)ヽ(*゚ー゚*)ノ(ノ*゚ー゚)ノ 
- big thanks to Gio Quinn for helping me with guitar 
- Alexa with vocals+lyrics and Gio& Alexa on guitar 

Claudia Bruce

It’s a “will they/won’t they” that was always going to end in a “won’t they.”

Guitar + Voice: Claudia Bruce
Piano + Bass + Drums + extra: Joel Chapman