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Advanced Choir

From the UHS Advanced Choir

This concert is brought to you by the phenomenal singers of the Advanced Choir! We encourage you to watch these in one sitting, like you might normally in a concert.

We start off with a beautifully lush piece by living composer Mark Miller. The text is often attributed to an anonymous poem found inscribed in the walls of the Cologne concentration camp. Recent research suggest that claim is spurious, but regardless of the veracity of the story, the truth of the message remains: “I believe in the sun even when it’s not shining / I believe in love even when I don’t feel it / I believe in God even when God is silent.”

Next, we hear three excellent solo pieces from Maddy Black ‘23 ("You’ve Got Possibilities"), Arieanna Price ‘24 (“Burn"), and Zoe Kosmowski ’23 ("It’s Only a Paper Moon"). Part of choir this year involved solo masterclasses, wherein students prepared solo works and bravely sang in front of the class, for constructive performance critique and improvement in vocal technique. These three pieces are the result of fantastic work and impressive growth.

After the solos, we return to the full choir for a spacious meditation: “Boat On Tai Lake.” This melody found in Qing dynasty songbooks has been set to words many a time; the poetry sung today are from Taiwanese TV singing show host Shen Zhi. The text reflects on Lake Tai, which is situated in the Jiangsu province in China. You’ll see videos of the students drawing images and writing the text — in mandarin characters, pinyin transliteration, and English translation. Today’s performance features Anderson Wang (Berkeley ’24), a prior member of the California Youth Chinese Symphony, on the erhu.

Finally, we end in the late 1980s with an uptempo jam: Carly Simon’sLet the River Run.” We hope you enjoy and thank you to all to made and supported music this year.