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Fall Music Recitals

WHO: The Sax Quartet, Flute Quartet, a Jazz Combo, a Pop Combo, and VPX (Vocal Performance Experience)

WHAT: The Fall Recitals!

WHEN: Thursday, October 8 (Music Groups) and Friday, October 9 (VPX) at 11:15AM

WHY: Who doesn’t want to listen to the musical and vocal stylings of our illustrious UHS Music Department? On Thursday and Friday, October 8 and 9, the Sax Quartet, Flute Quartet, Jazz Combo, and Pop Combo (led by Terrence Brewer) and the students of VPX (led by Joel Chapman) will release audio and video recordings of what they’ve been working on this first quarter. The students in these groups have been exploring everything from Tchaikovsky to Miles Davis to Natalie Joachim to Sara Bareilles.