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The Satonics



From the Satonics

After a short hiatus last Spring, the Satonics are back in action! For those who don't know, the Satonics are UHS's very own a cappella group. To adjust to virtual music making, we started off the year by working on a song that we never had the chance to perform last year: Disturbia by Rihanna. Because we can’t perform live together, we’ve been working on recording and mixing our music, and taking advantage of these unique circumstances. To celebrate the holidays, we chose to sing an arrangement of Silent Night by the Pentatonix. For this piece we experimented with the possibilities made available with a virtual setting by each recording three tracks, to make our group of nine sound like a much larger choir. We hope you enjoy, and happy holidays from the Satonics!
A special thanks to Joel Chapman for sharing his expertise in music mixing and mastering!


~Madelyn Ockner ‘21


Composer: Rihanna
Solo: Madelyn Ockner ‘21


Arrangement: Pentatonix