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2021 Spring Arts Festival

Poster by Miranda Oakes, ’22

Join us as we launch the Spring Arts Festival -- 3 days of Visual Art. Music, and Theatre, all presented online for your viewing and listening pleasure, Tuesday-Thursday, June 1-3. See what the UHS Arts Classes have been up to during the third and fourth quarters, and watch the entire season of productions from the Theatre Department! The Festival will launch on Zoom at 2:00 PM on Tuesday, June 1.

The Spring Visual Arts Festival & Entire Festival Launch: Tuesday, June 1, 2:00 PM, synchronouslyJoin us on Zoom at 2:00 PM for the official Festival launch. And, for our first day of the Festival, check out UHS's Visual Arts program's work and see what the photography, ceramics, and drawing and painting classes have been up to as they made art remotely and a little bit; in-person! Also: check out the complete portfolios created by the AP Studio Arts Class. Support UHS' Student Artists and close out this school year with awesome art!  

The Spring Music Festival: Wednesday, June 2, 11:00 AM (async). Then, at Wednesday's Spring Music Festival, listen to the incredible music stylings from Jazz Combo, Jazz Ensemble, Chamber Orchestra, and Advanced Choir! Support UHS' Student Musicians and finish 2020-2021 strong with awesome music! 

The Spring Theatre Festival: Thursday, June 3, 11:00 AM (async): Finally, at Thursday's Spring Theatre Festival, watch the entirety of the '20-'21 Season of Shows created by the Theatre Department in this school year – including and especially, the final cut of the Spring Musical, Urinetown. And check out the Theatre Department's Senior Celebrations; we pay tribute in both words and images to the graduating senior class of 2021 and honor their contributions to the Theatre Department over the past four years. Finish the Festival – and this year of art-making in extraordinary times and ways – inspired with incredible theatre!


KUDOS - This year the Arts Department would like to send a special Kudos to Susannah Martin. In addition to being our beloved Theatre Director, Susannah is our Arts Program Coordinator. What this means is that Susannah has the ridiculously difficult task of choreographing our Arts Events. In part, this entails corralling many artists and keeping us on task in order to produce a cohesive show twice a year. Susannah, it’s such a relief to us knowing you will bring structure to our chaos. It’s obvious how much you care about all of our arts programs. We love working with you and so appreciate all that you do!


The Arts Department would like to extend a warm THANK YOU to the Arts Auxiliary – in particular, to our true-blue Chair of the AAC, Liz Villegas who will be “graduating” with her senior student, Mason. This fabulous team of parents has been working behind the scenes to support all our arts events this year.  Thank you for all your hard work and endless commitment to the Arts at UHS!


2020-2021 Arts Auxiliary Committee
Chair: Liz Villegas (Mason Villegas ‘21)
Theatre Lead: MaryAnn LoRusso (Ava Jo ’21 & Ryan Jo ‘24)

Theatre Lead: Catherine Walcott (Sarah Walcott ‘22)
Jazz Lead: Ann Akichika (Ryan Tabibian ’21 & Alexa Tabibian ‘22)
Jazz Lead: Kris Nelson (Callum Nelson ‘23)
Music Potluck: Martha Perry (Alex & Lucas Perry ‘22)
Music Potluck: Nicole Rimpel (Riley Foard ‘22)

A Huge Thanks to Jenn Soult for making these pages for our festivals and getting the word out about the UHS Arts Department, all year long!

And a Huge Thanks to the UHS Facilities Team for keeping our campus – and all our Art-Making spaces – safe for our return!