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Visual Arts

Our UHS Visual Arts Program offers both breadth and depth in the disciplines of 2D design: painting and drawing; 3D design: ceramics and sculpture; and photography. The Visual Arts faculty hosts six art exhibits a year, with student artwork highlighted at the winter and spring arts shows.

In the Visual Arts, You Can:

  • Learn fundamental skills in drawing, painting, ceramics, and photography
  • Mature into a creative and conceptual thinker
  • Refine your skills in media and visual literacy
  • Explore different media and create multi-media works
  • Curate an art show or host a film screening

Visual Arts Beyond UHS:
Our Visual Arts faculty has a commitment to the professional art world. In addition to working as professionals in their respective fields, the faculty curate a professional gallery that showcases Bay Area artists.

  • We bring in guest artists and live models to work with our students
  • Our classes regularly visit Bay Area museums and galleries
  • Many of our arts students are named California Arts Scholars, through their attendance at the California State Summer School for the Arts (CSSSA)

Facilities and Resources:
Our “South Campus” is a three-story building largely dedicated to the Visual Arts. Some highlights include:

  • A spacious painting and drawing studio with plenty of natural light
  • A ceramics studio with 10 pottery wheels, three outdoor kilns, and a large indoor work area
  • In the photography studio, a wet darkroom equipped with 14 enlargers
  • A digital photography computer lab with 14 work stations
  • Classrooms outfitted for slide and digital projector use
  • An image library with thousands of digital and slide images
  • A collection of 35-mm cameras, digital cameras, and lighting equipment for student use
  • Additional gallery space, with potential for a rooftop sculpture garden