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Drawing and Painting II

Painting II

In Painting II we explored what it means to work with light, show transparency and build texture and layers. For the self-portraits we chose to paint distorted reflections from metallic objects or refracted through glass. Finally, we put the whole quarter together in a final painting called “the Gestalt”. Students had the choice to work from several prompts such as, “the sky is the limit”, “map of my life”, “a fly on the wall”, or “scavenger hunt”. -  Lisa Carroll

Drawing II 

In Drawing II we explored working with patterns and textures via colored pencil and collage, built on our understanding of values and composition via working with still life, and investigated layers through abstraction as well as exterior night drawings with incandescent light. Self-portraits engaged the students in interpreting their distorted reflections in spoons, car side mirrors and convex mirrors. The final project allowed for students to take bigger risks with materials and concepts as they worked from the prompts, “the sky is the limit”, “map of my life”, “a fly on the wall”, or “scavenger hunt”.


Painting II – period 3

Lilli Black 2022

Maya Egrie 2024

Cece Erhart 2024

Jack Gaitley 2023

Cate Hewitt 2024

Simran Hira 2023

Marcus Kawaja 2021

Sydney Lee 2023

Kalyani Nair 2023

Isabelle Oh 2023

Will Perkins 2024

Alice Sappenfield 2023

Mia Sisitsky 2024

Katharine Vari 2023

Lucy Welch 2023

Chelsea Woolf 2023

Drawing II – period 4

Harper Clementz 2023

Cian Dowling 2024

Jasmine Farfan 2024

Cami Fishman 2024

Christopher Gray 2024

Bea Hord 2024

Cybille Irissou 2023

Finlay Jennings 2024

Ryan Jo 2024

Gabriella Kelley 2024

Antonia Miller 2024

Gus Parsons 2024

Mia Reilly 2024


Drawing II – period 5

Raphaella Alioto Grace 2024

Cole Boake 2024

Gus Fried 2024*

Pierce Friel 2024

Avery Fringer 2024

Claire Howell 2024

Alexis Hu 2024

Teddy Molfino 2023

Jones Murphy 2024

Miranda Oakes 2022

Isabella Perez 2024

India Poetzscher 2024

Zach Tang 2024


* Student did not share artwork

Painting II

Drawing II