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Our Core Values: Inquiry, Care, Integrity, Agency, Interconnection


san francisco university high school

Alumni in Action

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Mr. Nathaniel Adler

Class of 2001
Hamilton College
Harvard University
Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs

Mr. Roman Adler

Class of 2001
Colgate University

Ms. Sabrina Adler

Class of 1998
BA, Brown University
JD, Stanford University

Ms. Julia Adler-Milstein

Class of 1997
Stanford University
Harvard University

Ms. Sarah Adler-Milstein

Class of 2002
Brown University

Mr. Alex Afterman

Class of 1989
UC Los Angeles

Ms. Anne Aganon

Class of 1980
Wesleyan University

Mr. Michael Ager

Class of 1982
UC Santa Cruz

Mr. Giovanni Agnoli

Class of 1986
UC Santa Cruz

Mr. Vasco Agnoli

Class of 1988
UC Berkeley