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san francisco university high school

Alumni in Action

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Mr. Joseph Alioto

Class of 1990
BS, Georgetown University

Mr. Nunzio Alioto

Class of 1992
Boston College

Ms. Magdalena Alioto Grace

Class of 2019
Georgetown University

Mrs. Angelina Alioto-Grace

Class of 1988
Boston College, Boston College
Juris Doctorate, Georgetown University

Ms. Alisa Alker

Class of 1995
Cornell University
University of North Carolina

Ms. Kirsten Alker

Class of 1998
Pomona College

Ms. Chloe Allen

Class of 1996
San Francisco Conservatory of Music

Ms. Natalie Allen

Class of 2003
BA, Columbia University

Mr. Rodger Allen

Class of 2001
University of Arizona, UC Berkeley
University of Arizona