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Assumption of Mutual Responsibility


Recognizing that a safe and healthy return to campus requires that we all accept responsibility for our actions and commit to the community in writing. While the population we serve is primarily high school-aged students, they still need clear expectations and boundaries from adults so that they make healthy choices at all times, but during this pandemic, the stakes are raised necessitating that we provide them with additional guidance and support.

To prepare to invite students back to our campus as early as late October, we carefully considered relevant guidance and best practices for reopening the school, and we are adopting various measures to help maintain a healthy and safe environment. It is only with your partnership and support that our efforts can be effective. We ask that all parents and guardians carefully review the UHS COVID 19 Response Planand discuss the School's policies with their child(ren) before school begins. We will update our plan throughout the year, and we will alert you as we do so. Please make sure to refer to the school's website for the latest version. Parents and guardians should also be familiar with the requirements of San Francisco County and the State of California.


UHS will supervise students while on campus, tracking daily attendance, and upholding a range of behavioral expectations that contribute to health and safety. We also expect all students, parents, staff, and faculty to partner with us, both on and off campus, to do your part in support of our collective health and safety.

As part of this partnership, we are asking all employees, students and families to commit to Our Mutual Responsibility Pledge representing an understanding of our shared responsibility and acknowledgment of the behaviors needed to promote safety, trust, respect, belonging and inclusion for all.

Our Mutual Responsibility Pledge

As a valued member of the UHS community, I understand it is my duty to not only protect myself, but also those around me, including those who may be more vulnerable, in order to reduce the spread of COVID-19. I will do my part by acting in a responsible manner at school and away from school, understanding that making my own health and safety a top priority protects us all. I agree to abide by all behaviors, policies, procedures and orders related to COVID-19 implemented by the state, county and School. Specifically:


  • Self-quarantine as a family to the best of our ability to limit potential exposure to COVID-19. We will avoid group gatherings, refrain from travel outside of our local area, and strictly follow all local and state regulations and public health orders related to preventing the spread of COVID-19.


  • Use the School’s designated web-based screening tool through One Medical to accurately report the results of personal daily health checks, including temperature-taking. While students will be in possession of the phone app, we understand that the screening information MUST BE FILLED OUT BY A PARENT OR GUARDIAN.


  • Wear an appropriate face covering (mask) at all times unless otherwise directed and, in addition, wear a school-provided face shield if requested.
  • Practice good personal hygiene consistent with public health protocols, such as frequent hand-washing for 20 seconds, appropriately covering coughs and sneezes, use of hand sanitizers before and after leaving campus buildings, and wiping down surfaces myself when arriving at and upon leaving a communal or community space.
  • Be in physical attendance only on my cohort day, follow campus drop-off procedures and respect directional signs on pathways and in buildings.
  • Whenever feasible, maintain a distance of 6 feet between myself and any other person.
  • Respond cooperatively and respectfully to reminders that I follow these protocols.


  • Avoid large gatherings and environments in which people are not observing recommended behaviors, such as wearing masks and practicing physical distancing.
  • Remain at home and notify an appropriate adult if I experience COVID-19 symptoms.
  • Follow instructions if I or my child tests positive for COVID-19 and is required to isolate, or if I learn that I have come into close contact with someone who has tested positive for COVID-19 and am required to quarantine.
  • Seek testing for COVID-19, as directed by the School or San Francisco Department of Public Health and participate in San Francisco Department of Public Health’s contact tracing program as requested and share complete information with contact tracers about others who may be exposed.
  • Strongly consider having all children in our household receive a seasonal flu vaccination this fall.

I/we have reviewed this document as well as the UHS COVID-19 Response Plan with our child(ren), and understand that failure to adhere to this Mutual Responsibility understanding may put other members of our school community at considerable risk. We understand that those who do not honor these commitments may be asked to leave campus and complete the semester/school year remotely.

August 2020

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