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COVID 19 Safety Plan
Fall Semester 2021

Posted August 8, 2021

Updated August 27, 2021 (Visitor protocols)

To review our COVID 19 Safety Plan 2021-22 by category, click on categories below or review the complete plan (.pdf) by clicking HERE.

We have found this Quick Guide from SFDPH to be helpful, please use this as a resource.


The UHS COVID-19 Task Force adheres to the most up-to-date guidance and directives from the California and San Francisco Department of Health and other agencies to create this comprehensive safety plan for our campus and community. We use our core values to align our decision-making and our policies and procedures in ways that adhere to state, county, and city regulations and support our entire community. 

Throughout the pandemic, UHS has and will continue to place health and wellness at the center of our planning. We appreciate that while we cannot eliminate risk, we can mitigate it by creating a set of shared community practices and protocols. 
Creating the most effective and positive environment for our students and teachers within this ever-changing context may require modifying our plan as the school year continues. The highly transmissible Delta variant now makes up more than 80% of new infections in the country. The infection rates have rapidly risen in recent weeks, slowing down our progress in containing the pandemic. The more flexible and patient we are with these setbacks, the better we can support a positive UHS experience for everyone. 

During the 2021-2022 school year, our campus is open at 100% capacity with all students, faculty, and staff in-person and on-campus for daily teaching, learning, as well as co- and extracurricular and administrative activities. 

We have developed a daily schedule that is very similar to our pre-pandemic schedule and that allows for two lunch periods and all-school gatherings to take place in smaller groups. 

We will not be offering any individual remote/distance learning option for students. Please refer to the Student/Family Handbook for non-COVID-related information regarding remote learning.


Parent/Guardian and Visitor Protocols as of September 1, 2021

Key Resources:

  • CDC
  • CDPH
    • Call 628-652-2700 to book an appointment, find a drop-in site, or if you have questions about the vaccine. You can also email

UHS COVID-19 Task Force Contacts:


Student Mental Health Resources: