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Posted July 27, 2020
Updated: May 2021
for CA and SF Departments of Health

PLEASE NOTE: We have begun In-Person instruction and refer you to your Student (Helpful Links) and Parent (within the reopening reminder) portals to review the FAQ for Students Returning to Campus.

To review our COVID 19 CAMPUS REOPENING PLAN 2020-21 by category, click on categories below or review the complete plan (.pdf) by clicking HERE.

The UHS COVID-19 Task Force has been working steadily since March 2020 to understand and interpret guidance from the state, county, and San Francisco Department of Health and other agencies in order to create a comprehensive and flexible plan for the reopening of our campus. We use our core values to ensure that we are aligning our decision-making and our policies and procedures in ways that adhere to state, county and city regulations and support our entire community.

We want to begin by recognizing the UHS faculty and staff who have shown extraordinary dedication to our students and our program since the beginning of this pandemic. Our teachers quickly adjusted their practices to a remote platform, engaged in additional training during the summer, and managed their own lives during this shelter-in-place order. Our essential staff has been on campus as needed and many have moved entire offices and programs into their homes. Supporting our employees’ well-being and their ability to provide a robust educational program is key as we consider our readiness to begin in-person learning on campus.

UHS has and will continue to place health and wellness at the center of our planning; appreciating that while we cannot eliminate risk, we can mitigate it by creating a set of clear practices, protocols, and shared responsibilities that we must adhere to as a community.  


COVID Related Communications can now be found on the Parent Portal

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Outdoor spaces will be utilized for instruction to the extent possible but are more suited to activities such as lunch and small-group meetings. Our upper and lower courtyards as well as the roof-top on Middle Campus provide those open spaces on our otherwise urban campus. Well ventilated indoor classrooms are better suited to our program that relies heavily on technology and are currently set up to maintain at least a 6’ distance between all persons.


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Until further notice, UHS is not allowing visitors on campus. Faculty/Staff and Students are allowed on campus in accordance with our reopening plan. If there is an extenuating circumstance where an in-person visit is required, please contact Sharon Young or Michel Novak for pre-approval.

Upcoming Key Dates:

  • May 31 - Memorial Day - School Closed  
  • June 7 - Graduation 

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