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Posted July 27, 2020
Updated: October 26, 2020

Most recent update:  update to the Campus Reopening Plan section "ENTRANCE, EGRESS, MOVEMENT WITHIN THE SCHOOL" published on October 26, 2020.

To read our Campus Reopening Plan submitted to the San Francisco Department of Health, click HERE.


The UHS COVID-19 Task Force has been working steadily from March until October to understand and interpret guidance from the state, county, and San Francisco Department of Health and other agencies in order to create a comprehensive and flexible plan for the reopening of our campus. We use our core values to ensure that we are aligning our decision-making and our policies and procedures in ways that adhere to state, county and city regulations and support our entire community.

We want to begin by recognizing the UHS faculty and staff who have shown extraordinary dedication to our students and our program since the beginning of this pandemic. Our teachers quickly adjusted their practices to a remote platform, engaged in additional training during the summer, and managed their own lives during this shelter-in-place order. Our essential staff has been on campus as needed and many have moved entire offices and programs into their homes. Supporting our employees’ well-being and their ability to provide a robust educational program is key as we consider our readiness to begin in-person learning on campus.

UHS has and will continue to place health and wellness at the center of our planning; appreciating that while we cannot eliminate risk, we can mitigate it by creating a set of clear practices, protocols, and shared responsibilities that we must adhere to as a community. 

We are publishing this reopening plan in October to give our community ample time to prepare for our return to campus. 

As of this plan publication date, we will move to Response Level 2 (see chart below) once we receive approval from the SFDPH. Creating the most effective and positive environment for our students and teachers within this ever-changing context is going to require that we closely monitor the teaching and learning experience and make modifications to our plan as the school year continues. We will likely need to shut down for illness and spikes in community infection rates over the next several months. The more flexible and patient we are with these setbacks, the better we can support the positive UHS experience for everyone.

Response Levels 


Current Response Level:



Upcoming Key Dates:

  • Aug 19-20: Virtual Orientation
  • Aug 21: First Day of School
  • Oct. 13: End of Quarter 1
  • Oct 19: Beginning of Quarter 2

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