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Posted July 27, 2020
Updated: July 30, 2020 

The UHS COVID-19 Task Force has been working steadily throughout the summer months to understand and interpret guidance from the state, county, and San Francisco Department of Health and other agencies in order to create a comprehensive and flexible plan for the eventual reopening of our campus.  We use our core values to ensure that we are aligning our decision-making and our policies and procedures in ways that support our entire community.
We want to begin by recognizing the UHS faculty and staff who have shown extraordinary dedication to our students and our program since the beginning of this pandemic.  Our teachers quickly adjusted their practices to a remote platform, engaged in additional training during the summer, and managed their own lives during this shelter-in-place order. For many of them this included supporting their families, including children engaging in their own virtual education, during this complex and dynamic time.  Our essential staff has been on campus as needed and many have moved entire offices and programs into their homes.  Supporting our employees’ well-being and their ability to provide a robust educational program is key as we consider our readiness to begin in-person learning on campus.

UHS has and will continue to place health and wellness at the center of our planning; appreciating that while we cannot eliminate risk, we can mitigate it by creating a set of clear practices, protocols, and shared responsibilities that we must adhere to as a community.  
The news of increased positive cases, hospitalizations, and fatalities in our region and state has caused the reconsideration/retraction of many re-opening measures across California. For that reason, we will continue to hone this plan to make it as responsive as possible to the situation we will find ourselves in by mid-August. We are choosing to publish this guide at the end of July to give our community ample time to digest the plan, while appreciating that we will not know exactly what campus reopening will look like under these dynamic circumstances. 
As announced by Governor Newsom on July 17, schools and school districts within the state may reopen for in-person instruction if they are located in a local health jurisdiction that has not been on the county monitoring list within the prior 14 days. Currently, San Francisco County is on the monitoring list. The re-opening framework outlined by the state is located here.  It is important to note that our community spans seven different Bay Area counties, so our decision-making takes more into account than just the status of San Francisco County.

As of this plan publication date, we have decided that we will remain at Response Level 3 (see chart below) for the first quarter of the school year, until October 13. At that point, the decision to move from an online learning platform to on-campus learning will be based on the State granting permission to reopen our campus, as well as additional considerations such as our faculty and staff’s preparedness to return and the timing of our academic calendar. 

Response Levels 


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Upcoming Key Dates:

  • Aug 19-20: Virtual Orientation
  • Aug 21: First Day of School
  • Oct. 13: End of Quarter 1
  • Oct 19: Beginning of Quarter 2

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