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Equity and Community Stewardship and Oversight Committee

The San Francisco University High School Equity and Community Stewardship and Oversight Committee was established in February 2021 to gather voices and perspectives from all UHS constituencies to steer, steward, monitor, and chronicle the work that the school community is undertaking to meet the aspirations of the UHS Statement on Equity and Community.

Specifically, the committee develops and reviews action plans; collaborates with the administration on all-school equity professional development; ensures that students, parents, guardians, and alumni have a voice in our work; and carefully tracks (through review of dashboards and other data) the execution and effectiveness of this essential community work.

The Committee consists of faculty, staff, students, trustees, parents/guardians, alumni, and is co-chaired by the Director of Equity and Community and the Head of School.

At the end of each school year, the Committee publishes a report that includes recommendations for the following school year and a list of established and in-progress DEIB initiatives. For the Equity and Community Stewardship and Oversight Committee Year-End Reports, click the buttons below.