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Program Development

Bruce “Doc” Lamott always believed in the benefits of interdisciplinary teaching and was the longest standing steward of Western Civilization: History of the Arts, a cornerstone course taught by a team of teachers representing the visual arts, the performing arts, and history. In honor of Doc’s 36 years at UHS, this endowed fund permits more faculty members to create interdisciplinary curricula and opportunities for team teaching.

Each year, Lamott Fellows receive awards of up to $25,000 in support of designing new courses across departments. These courses will provide invaluable opportunities to bring different types of thinking together and give students the chance to apply prior knowledge to new situations while grappling with real-world multi-dimensional learning.

Making space for this work has been a long-standing aspiration of the faculty, and now they have the resources to reach new levels of innovation, experimentation, and, ultimately, growth.

Make a gift now to the Lamott Endowment for Interdisciplinary Teaching and Curricular Innovation or for more information please contact Shaundra Bason, director of development, at (415) 447-3119.