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Next Level: The Campaign for University High School

At San Francisco University High School, we prove the transformative power of education. And our vision is audacious: to continually expand what the high school experience makes meaningful. With your support, the Next Level campaign will bring this bold vision to fruition, keeping our community at the fore of secondary education. Together, we’ll continue to transform our program, the spaces that unite us, and our ability to inspire a more inclusive, more diverse community. That’s what being a leader in the space of secondary education means: to constantly advance how and why high school matters.

For more information, contact Director of Development Shaundra Bason at (415)447-3119 or

The Next Level campaign advances University High School's priorities across multiple fronts.

CAMPUS TRANSFORMATION to redesign existing facilities and build the California Street STEM and Community campus.

PROGRAM AND PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT FUNDING that keeps UHS teachers and students at the forefront of educational evolution.

FACULTY SUPPORT that fuels care and innovation, attracting and retaining world-class teachers.

STUDENT FINANCIAL AID EXPANSION to help to dismantle the barriers that block talented students from University High School and increase our community’s socio-economic and cultural diversity.

FLEXIBLE OPERATING SUPPORT so that we can make the most of opportunities and respond nimbly to challenges.

Click here to learn more about our project at 3150 California!