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The Dennis and Mollie Collins Educational Promise Scholarship

We are happy to announce the establishment of an endowed scholarship named for founding headmaster Dennis Collins and his wife Mollie, founding Director of Admissions. Dennis and Mollie stewarded San Francisco University High School through its earliest years and established the mission and values to which UHS remains committed to this day.

During a time of social upheaval and college campus unrest of the 1960’s, schools increasingly became the locus of social change. Dennis and Mollie Collins believed in the educational value of diversity and pluralism. They envisioned a school that drew upon the exciting variety and countless resources of the city that also gave something back through community service and the development of creative, capable leaders.

UHS would not be the school it is today without the visionary leadership of Dennis and Mollie. Through this endowment, we will secure the legacy of their monumental achievements and ensure that it lives on in future generations of students - impacting the city and world around us.

For more information, contact Director of Development Shaundra Bason at