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Legacy Giving

Thank you to the members of the Heritage Society for Legacy Giving.

In 1992, the board of trustees established the Heritage Society for Legacy Giving to honor those who have included San Francisco University High School in their estate plans and to encourage others to consider this option. Planned gifts and bequests provide support that endures for future generations of students and ensures the continued excellence of the UHS curriculum. We are grateful to these individuals for their generosity, and for building University's legacy for years to come.

If you are interested in becoming a member of the Heritage Society, please fill out this form or contact Shaundra Bason, director of strategic philanthropy, at or 415-447-3119. Thank you!

Prudy Kohler, Founding Faculty Member

 What an adventure it was to be part of starting a brand new school in 1975. While initially we had no mascot, no alma mater, and no traditions, we did have a shared vision for fostering the love of learning in an equitable environment. As one of the fortunate founding faculty members, I designed the visual arts program and co-created the Western Civilization: History of the Arts course. Later I served as acting Academic Dean and Dean of Students; memories of my UHS years include an emphasis on excellence in all aspects of our new entity, as well as an abundance of fun. Again I was fortunate in developing lifelong friendships with UHS colleagues, students, and parents. After many inspiring years at UHS I moved into philanthropy as an arts program officer at a large foundation, followed by administrative work in a nonprofit organization. Along the way I developed a service that provides corporate team-building through arts workshops, and I continue to feed my arts addiction with my own art practice.

In my work at UHS, as well as in philanthropy and the nonprofit world, the shared thread has been teaching and working with people. Clearly education is the key to making an appreciable difference in our world, and UHS plays a major role with its academic energy and its rich sense of community. For me, then, the only logical decision is to include UHS in my will, with the hope that such a contribution will assist this exceptional school to advance its vital mission. 

Jeanne Miller '79

Jeanne Miller '79 UHS has been a part of my family since 1977. I came to University as a junior from Washington High School, and I was in the school's third graduating class. After I graduated, my mother went to work in the business office at UHS and stayed for approximately 20 years. Through my mom’s encouragement, I remained in contact with many of my teachers including Diane Schroeder and Tucker Hiatt which lead to me joining the Alumni Council. Past alumni council chairs, Heidi Philbrick Schell '81, Bradley Solomon '81, P '16, '20 and Tom Battat '81, P '17, '19 encouraged me to accept the invitation to become president of the Alumni Association which I did from 1997-1999 and with co-president Sarah Van Ness '88 from 1999-2001. I am still an actively engaged alumna, attend events regularly, and I have made many close friends with alums who I met after graduation.

I made the decision to include UHS in my will in 1999, when I was diagnosed with Stage III breast cancer. I had a UHS team behind me as several of my doctors were UHS parents, and one would be a future parent. Before my stem cell transplant, UCSF suggested I invite friends to donate blood for post-transplant infusions. So many UHS alumni, faculty and trustees donated blood on my behalf that the hospital had an enormous surplus! I was happy to be able to donate it back to the blood bank. I've been cancer-free for 21 years. Thank you to all the entire UHS community that cared for me and donated blood on my behalf!