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Spanish Summer Reading

(Updated May 21, 2018)

University's Spanish program emphasizes grammatical accuracy, vocabulary acquisition, and precision of communication through the close reading, analysis, and appreciation of literary works. The summer reading assignment seeks to provide students with a glimpse of the curriculum and the opportunity to engage with Spanish before school begins, since the texts are the first that students will encounter in the fall. Our goal is to help students develop strong analytical skills, such as:

  • Identifying the main ideas and images in a text
  • Creating personal glossaries from and about a text
  • Recognizing the aesthetic effects created by word choice
  • Developing awareness of successful reading and discussion strategies

Assignment: Read each text at least twice in order to gain a good sense of its themes, imagery, and style. Then, please prepare:

  1. a list of the most prominent ideas and images in each text
  2. a list of ten words or phrases drawn from each text that, to you, capture its essence

Print and bring this assignment the first day of class, compiling everything in a single document. We expect this work to be done carefully and without help from others.

Readings for the level you are entering:

Beginning Spanish:
No readings

Transitional Spanish

Intermediate Spanish

Advanced Spanish

Honors Spanish Literature

Honors Advanced Spanish Literature