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College Counseling COVID-19 Resources

Given the impact of COVID-19, we have created this page with links to our most recent school communications as well as relevant information and resources pertaining to the college process for every grade-level. Institutions from colleges, to the SAT/ACT, to the NCAA are all working to be as responsive as possible to the changing landscape, and we hope that the information here will be informative and comforting to you.

Sophomore Families:

[UHS] Sophomore College Counseling Update (4/19/2020)
[UHS] College Counseling Sophomore Program Update (4/7/2020)

Summer plans upended? We welcome communication with sophomore families to help students brainstorm what they might do during this time.

Junior Families:

Video conversation with Matt Alander, Director of Admissions, Princeton University (Recorded 6/1/20)
Blog with Tips for Juniors by Jeff Schiffman, Director of Admissions at Tulane 
Video conversation with Jeff Allen, Vice President of Enrollment, Macalester College (Recorded 5/27/20)
Video conversation with Gary Ross, Vice President of Enrollment, Colgate University (Recorded 5/12/20)
Video Conversation with Mike Drish, Deputy Director of Admission, UCLA (Recorded 5/5/20)
Updates from Inside Higher Ed (4/21/20, Ongoing)
ABC Interview on Covid-19 Impact on Higher Ed (4/21/20)
[UHS] Junior College Counseling Update (4/19/2020)
[UHS] College Counseling Update (4/7/2020: Timeline for the next steps)
[UHS] College Counseling Update (3/18/2020: Standardized testing)
[UHS] Class of 2021 March Family Update (3/15/2020: Standardized Testing, College Visits, Etc..)
[UHS] College Counseling Update (6/4/2020: Summer Work, Standardized Testing)

To support students in learning about colleges during this period of social distancing, we created this virtual college tour assignment. Although the assigned timing coincided with spring break, students are welcome to use these resources any time.

Senior Families:

Interview with Anthony Fauci about Covid-19 and Higher Education (5/26/20)
15 Fall Scenarios (4/22/20)
FAQ for the Class of 2020 (This resource was created by independent schools across the Bay Area)
[UHS] Deposit Deadlines and Gap Years (4/18/2020)
[UHS] College Counseling Update (4/7/2020: Decisions, Waitlists and Transition Programming)
[UHS] College Counseling Communication (3/20/2020: Support and Admitted Student Programs)

This webpage is regularly updated with information regarding college closures, deposit extensions and delays.