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Rosenblatt Summer Fellowship Grant


In the Spring of 1999, the UHS Board of Trustees endowed a fund for public service to award fellowships for civic, community, and cultural projects on an annual basis in honor of Toby Rosenblatt's service and commitment to our school and to our city. The summer fellowship program is established and intended to support the wonderful work that students do In the Community Engagement Program during the school year and provides students with the opportunity to engage in in-depth public service, of their own creation, during the summer months. It also allows students to expand their current service commitment or contribute to the community in new ways. The goal is for students to have even greater positive impact on the environments or population(s) they serve.

Process for application:

  • Students who would like to be considered for the grant must submit a completed application to the Community Engagement Office by Thursday, May 2, 2019.
  • Finalists will need to secure the support and recommendation of representative of the organization they seek to serve. To that end, every finalist will be required to produce a letter of support that reflects a partnership between the student and the agency sponsoring the project. Finals will also need to provide details of how grant money will be spent.
  • At the end of the summer, every grantee will be required to submit a written report about the project and its outcomes to the Community Engagement Office. In addition, depending on the project, there might also be a tangible product that could be shared with various audiences at UHS.

Costs/activities the grant is designed to fund:

  • Materials/supplies for an event (i.e. food, t-shirts, awards, facility fees, etc.)
  • Materials/supplies for a program (i.e. books, software, educational games, etc.)
  • Costs for creating, printing, copying, or mailing posters, flyers, newsletters, etc.
  • Fees to pay for a trainer or workshop leader if service is central to the success of the project

While the Rosenblatt Grant is intended to fund a student-proposed service project, students who would otherwise have to work for pay during the summer are encouraged to apply for the grant, using some of the funds as a stipend. This is intended to allow students who must work the ability to develop and complete worthy community service projects that may not otherwise come to fruition due to a lack of time.

2020 Rosenblatt Grant Award

We are pleased to announce that the 2020 $1,000 Community Service Rosenblatt Grant is divided between two projects. The first award winner is Alicia Lopez-Guerra, who will receive $500 for her project to create and distribute COVID-19 related care packages to people experiencing homelessness by partnering with Larkin Street Youth Services. The second grant recipient goes to the project created by Jane Shvartsman and Sydney Srivastava. Their “Totes of Hope” project partners with the Veterans Affairs Hospital and the American Red Cross to create and distribute COVID-19 related care packages to veterans who are experiencing homelessness. Congratulations to this year’s Rosenblatt Grant Recipients!

Jane Shvartsma '22

Sydney Srivastava '22

Alicia Lopez-Guerra '22