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Summerbridge FAQ

Where is Summerbridge held?

San Francisco University High School (3065 Jackson Street, San Francisco, CA 94115).

When is the Summerbridge application due?

Applications are due at 5:00 p.m. on Friday, March 6, 2020.

How do we apply to Summerbridge?

Step #1: read this webpage in its entirety.

Step #2: complete the Summerbridge online inquiry form.

Step #3: download, complete, and submit the Summerbridge application by the deadline. Applications for 2020 become available on November 29, 2019.

How much does Summerbridge cost?

Summerbridge is a tuition-free program.

Our student lives in two different households. How is my financial eligibility calculated?

Summerbridge will calculate financial need based on income from BOTH families who are financially responsible for the student. Summerbridge requires tax information from both parents and households, and will determine eligibility. As each family situation is unique, should you have any questions, please contact a Summerbridge staff member.

What kind of commitment does Summerbridge require?

Summerbridge students commit to attending the program for three consecutive summers. The program begins after the student's sixth-grade school year (rising seventh grade), and two academic school years continuing through the summer after their eighth-grade year (rising ninth grade).

Is Summerbridge just a summer program?

No, Summebridge is a year-round program. Participating students attend for six weeks in the summer and during the school year in our after-school program.

Is there a parent/guardian participation requirement?

Yes. If your student is admitted to the Summerbridge program, at least one parent/guardian must attend all Summerbridge Family Association meetings. These meetings are opportunities for parents and guardians to participate in Summerbridge and are held in the evenings.

What are the dates of the summer program?

The Summer 2020 program runs from Tuesday, June 17 through Wednesday, July 29.