Our Core Values: Inquiry, Care, Integrity, Agency, Interconnection


Working at Summerbridge

Who Are Our Teachers?

Summerbridge utilizes a combination of experienced, professional teachers and talented high school and college students to prepare and inspire our middle school participants. Our summer faculty (high school and college students) come from all over the country to teach. They are provided with intensive training and are supported, observed, and critiqued by professional mentor teachers. Teachers develop their own curriculum for academic and elective classes and contribute to the program in many ways—from planning student activities, like Olympics and Field Trip Day to coordinating annual events, like Visitors' Day, to organizing our annual culminating event, Celebration. Leadership opportunities abound as these young people may also serve as committee heads, department chairs, and class deans. All of our teachers commit to serving students as educators, role models, and advisors. Our teachers understand that each student is an individual, and they are encouraged to be in constant dialogue with students and to build mentoring relationships with them. Our teachers and tutors are expected to approach their roles with a seriousness of purpose, a love of teaching and learning, and a joyful spirit.

Who Can Apply to Teach?

High school and college students who have completed their junior year in high school may apply to teach at Summerbridge. Applicants should be willing to commit to an eight-week program, including a week of training, six weeks of teaching, and one week of wrap-up. Each summer, Summerbridge selects approximately 22 teachers who demonstrate dedication, energy, organization, and leadership skills and display the desire to work with middle school students. With over 90% students of color, Summerbridge seeks teachers from diverse backgrounds who want to work in a diverse and inclusive community. Please visit the Breakthrough Collaborative for more information and to apply to teach. Teaching fellow applicants may apply to three affiliates across the country. Click on “Summerbridge San Francisco” to apply to our site: https://www.breakthroughcollaborative.org/apply/in...

What Are the Commitments and Responsibilities?

Summerbridge is a full-time job, and it is very difficult to have commitments outside the program. Summerbridge teachers are expected to:

  • Teach two academic classes and one elective class (5–8 students per class);
  • Design and implement the curriculum for each of these classes;
  • Contribute to their academic departments in collegial and collaborative ways;
  • Serve on several program committees that plan and administer various aspects and events of the program (e.g. Visitor's Day, Olympics, Field Trip Day);
  • Demonstrate leadership, motivation, and responsibility;
  • Commit to working with a diverse population of teachers and students and to making the program inclusive and safe for the entire community;
  • Evaluate student work and progress throughout the course of the summer;
  • Evaluate the program and personal performance at the end of the summer;
  • Commit to ongoing reflection and support of the program and students;
  • Abstain from drugs and alcohol during the program;
  • Contribute to the life, spirit, and community of the Summerbridge Program.


Summerbridge is hiring professional teachers as Instructional Coaches who support our Teaching Fellows. Click here to apply.

Click here to find out more about working with us as a Teaching Fellow. Applicants may apply to three affiliates across the country. Click on “Summerbridge San Francisco” to apply to our site.


We need Summerbridge volunteers, too! Contact us to find out what it takes.