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Spanish Summer Reading

(Updated May 25, 2022)

Learning Spanish at UHS emphasizes grammatical accuracy, vocabulary acquisition, and precision of communication through the close reading, analysis and discussion of authentic, unabridged texts. Our goal is that, over time, students develop a similar facility in reading and speaking Spanish as they have in English. 

The summer reading provides students with both a glimpse of the curriculum and the opportunity to engage with the language before school begins, since the texts are usually the first encountered in the Fall. Therefore, we recommend you complete this assignment a week or so before school starts.

Students: Read each text several times to gain a good sense of its themes, imagery and style. Audio links are provided where available. We suggest you simultaneously listen to the audio and read the text.

Then, write in Spanish:

  • Words or phrases drawn from each text that, to you, capture its essence.
  • Questions about each text that can help you and your classmates with its comprehension, as well as generate meaningful classroom discussions.

Compile your work into a single document that you’ll be asked to submit electronically the first day of class. It will not be graded; it will be your first contribution to class discussion.

We expect this work to be your own, so we can get to know you and best support you from the start. Don’t seek an English translation nor any other help during this process.