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Community Engagement at UHS

The Community Engagement Program at UHS is current undergoing an intensive process of self-study. Until more detailed information can be shared about our programming, this page will showcase short descriptions and images from ongoing events.

Current Courses offered:
Each course offers a different way to think about the theme “Selves and Others.” 

Grant Writing 
Ever had a great idea, but wasn’t sure how to make it a reality? Ever witnessed issues in your community, but wasn’t sure how to make a lasting impact? Come check out this grant writing course! You’ll learn skills on how to develop an idea, find community partners and team members, and see your dream become a reality. Although this class focuses on community oriented projects, these skills can be transferable to any project that is dependent on funding and budget management.

Ethics & Human Responsibility 
As endless wars, climate change, and economic inequality continue to challenge human existence; we, as individuals, struggle to understand how to act in the face of such significant forces. What are our responsibilities to ourselves? What are our obligations to others who face these challenges in more severe ways than we do? What does it mean to be a good person in the age of these global challenges? How can we improve ourselves in the process of improving the world in crisis? In this course, we will use the philosophical study of ethics to pursue answers to these questions. Ethics, simply defined, is the study of moral principles and concepts that lead to right and wrong behavior. We will examine various schools of ethical thought and read diverse case studies to determine how we should attempt to answer these global challenges. Most importantly, we will think and discuss together and reflect critically to try and arrive at these answers for ourselves.

Community Autobiographies 
In this course, we will learn how to conduct informal interviews and, in the process, get to know individuals in our staff community: from a member of our admissions team who has a child studying at this school, to an administrative assistant who has worked at UHS for over 20 years, to facilities staff who have come to UHS by way of Ireland, Mexico, the Philippines and Vietnam. These are conversations that will help us uncover the richness that is present in our community while practicing two lifelong skills: how to ask insightful questions and how to become better listeners.  Podcasts/interviews from Community Autobiographies will be available soon. 

HD Events:

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